Gutters are an essential tool that helps keep your house free of rot, mold, leaks and ice. If gutters are installed correctly, and then properly maintained, they could save you thousands of dollars in possible home repairs.

Proper Installation
First and foremost, you must to ensure that your gutters are installed at least two inches away from your roof and drip edge. Gutters should always be installed on your main fascia board and not your shadow board. This prevents ice dams from building in the winter months and reduces the risk of other potential problems.

Keep Them Clean
The key to keeping your new gutters working properly is to always keep them clean of debris. A thorough gutter cleaning allows your gutters to drain properly and reduces the risk of ice dams and overflow. A clogged gutter is just as bad as having no gutter at all. Gutter cleaning can be performed by the homeowner, however, great care must be taken when working on ladders and roof tops. Vitale Seamless Gutters is available for gutter cleanings and repairs.

Seal Out Moisture
As important as it is to keep your gutters clean of debris build-up, it is equally important to ensure that water does not leak behind the gutter. If the back of the gutter is not properly sealed with GEOCEL sealant you run the risk of rotten fascia boards. Common silicon sealant will work for a short period but will rot away relatively quickly. GEOCEL sealant holds firm and can actually create a seal underwater. If you see water leaking behind your gutters it is time to reseal the gutters and eliminate the risk of rot.

Replacing Your Roof?
For those planning to replace or repair their roof, keep in mind that your new shingles must hange a minimum of a quarter inch over the drip edge to prevent the water from following the contour and attempting to flow behind the gutter. Of course, your gutters should be sealed with GEOCEL, but ensuring your roofer hangs the shingles at least this distance over the drip edge will help prevent premature deterioration.

If these simple rules above are followed, your gutters should last many years. For more questions about maintaining your gutters please contact us.